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OTG-2 launch

  • New resistance buttons positions
  • Emergency brake added
  • New seat
  • Simplified horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Induction charging
  • Improved user interface
  • Smooth and silent motion
  • Electricity-generating

Reduce the ecological footprint of every workout.

Discover our eco-responsible stationary bikes equipped with an integrated electronic system that transforms the energy generated by users into electricity.

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Electricity generation
Eco-responsible challenges

Convinced that the fitness industry has a part to play in the ecological transition, we have developed an innovative stationary bike that converts users’ energy into electricity.
Our products are proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in Quebec.

Our stationary bikes

 Price: $3,800
  • Reduces live energy consumption
  • Precise level of variable intensity
  • Quiet mechanism and electronic resistance
  • Competitive price
  • Clean modern design

Track the impact of each workout

Our integrated application enables real-time monitoring of electricity production and training statistics.

Thanks to our gamification concept, users can also track their ranking and take on personalized challenges.

Our solutions

Off The Grid is the solution for innovative gyms that want to stand out from the crowd. With our eco-friendly stationary bikes, you can reduce your ecological footprint and attract a dedicated and loyal clientele. Whatever your project, we’ll provide a turnkey service tailored to your needs.




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