Transform your workout into power

Our stationary bikes are equipped with an integrated electronic system that transforms the energy you generate during your workout into electricity. 

With each pedal stroke, you’re not only burning calories but also reducing your ecological footprint. In fact, our bikes have generated 200 kWh of electricity so far!



Our technology generates and feeds electricity back into the grid, optimizing your environmental impact.

Made in Quebec using recyclable materials, this turnkey solution ensures minimal impact without compromising performance or comfort. 

No batteries, no grid modifications required.

Active Desk


Transform your stationary bike into an active desk with our new, easy-to-install tablet mount. Stay fit while you work or learn, seamlessly combining productivity and health.

Live Display


Enhance your workout experience with our integrated display: charge your phone wirelessly while tracking advanced stats.

Visualize the electricity generated and its real-world equivalence, among other stats, empowering you with insightful metrics and convenience.


Track your electricity production in real time through our mobile app, enhance your eco-friendly performance, and tackle personalized challenges to earn green rewards.

Embrace the eco-responsible values at the heart of your business.


  • Plug and play into a standard electrical outlet

  • Built in user console

  • Pedals compatible with road bike shoes

  • Gear shifting built directly into the handlebar  

  • 2-axis adjustment of bench and handlebars

  • Built in Bluetooth and WiFi 


What our clients say