Answers to your questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions and show you electricity consumption equivalents for everyday items.

It’s easy! Simply perform your usual workout on your Off The Grid stationary bike, and the energy generated is transformed into electricity. Thanks to our technology, it’s then synchronized and distributed directly to your power grid. Our solution is turnkey: you don’t need a battery or a certificate from Hydro-Québec. Simply plug the bike into a standard wall socket (120V) and off you go!

On average, an individual will produce around 150Wh during a one-hour workout. Our bike, however, generates a maximum of 250Wh of energy.

In our desire to offer a responsible product, we always give priority to creating local partnerships. Our product is designed, manufactured and assembled in Quebec.

Yes, the electronic plugs needed to recharge your devices (USB Type-C, Micro-USB and iPhone) are included. Just plug in your device and pedal away!

Of course you can! Our bike connects to your network and transmits your training data to a database. You can then access it free of charge to see your performance, the amount of energy produced and ecological equivalents!

How much electricity do I generate in an hour of Off The Grid cycling?

These equivalents give a quick idea of how much electricity an hour of Off The Grid cycling can supply, on average.

20 hrs

15 x

1.5 hrs

5 hrs

3 hrs